Friday, April 8, 2011

The Once Timid Networker's Special Announcement

This Once Timid Networker is about to launch her way into another world of Networking. When I began this blog my soul purpose was to help two types of people, the timid or shy person and the person working with that timid person.

I’ve tried to give tips and pointers about things that helped me. I wanted to help others break out of that box like I had and network in a much more comfortable and in turn effective way.

The feedback I’ve received about these articles, have been overwhelming, to say the least. I had no idea that it would have far reaching effects and that people all over the world would be helped or inspired by the stories that were published. However, true to form in the Tara way, I wanted to make it better. That is why I’m thrilled to announce the launch of “The Once Timid Networker Radio Show”! Cue a marching band, streamers and confetti and a little party in my head!

How in the world did this happen you might wonder, especially if you have known both versions of me. Well, it began at one of my first Entrepreneurial Excellence Business Forums, last summer. We worked on a marketing idea with the sky as the limit and money as no object. One of my personal ideas was having a Radio show that fed a TV program that traveled the world interviewing and helping other people who were either timid or once were timid. I put the thought in my book and continued to move forward with things that were within reach. However there is a reason I write things down… so I won’t forget.

A few months later my very dear friend Jim Bear called me telling me his wonderful news that he would be launching his own radio show helping the 55+ who were looking for work. The show would have the same title as the seminars he had been successfully teaching called, “You Can Get Hired”. I was absolutely THRILLED for him and saw how his program would be so helpful to so many.

He then said, “Tara, I think you should have a show and it should be about networking.” Jim has been a friend of mine since I was timid. He is a respectful, kind and gentle person who has always had very nice words of encouragement, seemingly when I needed them most. I respect and admire Jim and I trust him implicitly. However, this time, I chuckled (remembering the idea written in my book) and thanked him for his kind words that made the back of my neck and my cheeks hot and I think I may have tried to change the subject.

Almost exactly a month and a half later the idea came back to me and Jim’s words were loud in my head. I called him and said, did you really mean that when you said it?? He confirmed his previous thoughts and I started making a list!! Over the next few days I refined my list and Jim was right there with his encouragement, cheering me on with the idea that had become a fire inside of me.

Then Jim offered to say a few words on my behalf to Pamela Muldoon, the Producer of the Next Stage Business Radio Network, which was where his program is produced and aired. It worked.

Pamela and I met for coffee not long after and what I thought would maybe be an hour and a half turned into about 4 hours. I was ecstatic that she liked my idea. We hit it off famously and one idea sparked another! As we sat in the Coffee shop that day, I wondered if the other people sitting there with their beverages had any idea that right there at that moment someone’s dreams were coming true… It was incredible.

And so, I’m pleased to announce that April 20th, my first show will air. The hour long program will be an easy going conversation with other storytellers on the topic of networking. It will include tips and tricks as well as some humor, of course!

I warmly invite you to listen in. I’d just love to have you there with me!!

Tara Schmakel

The Once Timid Networker- Writer and Radio Personality (HUGE smile!)